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Literaktum | Festival of letters and languages | 2006 24-28 may

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Henning Mankell Henning Mankell. (Stockholm, Sweden, 1948)
He embarked upon his literary career in the seventies, as a playwright. He has published more than twenty novels, as well as plays and children's stories...
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Luisa Castro Luisa Castro. (Foz, Lugo, 1966)
Novelist and poet. In 1990 she published her first novel, El somier [The bed base] . She won the Hiperión poetry award with Los versos del eunuco [The verses of the Eunuch], and the...
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Pablo Malo Pablo Malo. (San Sebastián, 1966)
He became known as a result of the shorts: El ángel de mármol [The marble angel] and Jardines deshabitados [Uninhabited Gardens] and has won several awards. His first feature-length film...
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Stephen Watts Stephen Watts (London, 1952)
He has authored the poetry books The Lava's Curl, Gramsci and Caruso and The Blue Bag , as well as the collections Houses and Fish, Voices of Conscience, Mother Tongues and Music While Drowning...
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Casares Irratia 107.4 FM literary frequency
For this edition, Radio Casares has prepared a special programme about fear. The participants in the Literary Creation workshops of Okendo and Radio Casares will propose one hour of utter fear...
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Aurelia Arkotxa Aurelia Arkotxa (Saint-Etienne de Baigorry, Lower Navarra, 1953)
Euskaldun writer. Her most representative books are "Imaginaire et poésie dans Maldan behera", "Pensées, études et voyages de 1853" (on the figure of the cultural patron Antoine d'Abbadie)...
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Teresa Shaw Teresa Shaw (Montevideo, Uruguay, 1951)
She has been living in Barcelona since 1976. She has published the book Destiempo ; the plaquettes Evocación de la luz [Evocation of light] and Instantáneas [Snapshots]; and poems in different...
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