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Agnes Agboton /
Porto-Novo, Benin, 1960 /

Agnes Agboton

Agnes Agboton is a philologist and narrator of tales and legends in the African oral tradition. She moved to Barcelona in 1978. Having a Spanish degree, she is also the author of several books on Occidental African food: La cuina africana (1989), Àfrica en los fogones (2002) and Las cocinas del mundo (2002). Since 1990, she has regularly acted as narrator in schools and libraries. She has adapted and translated several legends and traditional stories of her land into Spanish and Catalan, she has published: Contes d’arreu del món (1995), Abenyonhú (2003), Na Miton -la mujer en los cuentos y leyendas africanos- (2004) and Más allá del mar de arena (2005). Her latest book is Canciones del poblado y el exilio.



Canciones del poblado y del exilio (2006)

Más allá del mar de arena (2005)

Na Mitón: la mujer en cuentos africanos  (2004)

Abenyonhú (2003)

Àfrica en los fogones (2002)

Las cocinas del mundo (2002)

Contes d'arreu del món (1995)

La cuina africana (1989)

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