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Literaktum | Festival de letras y lenguajes | 2006 16-20 mayo

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May 15 / Tuesday
Ernest Lluch Kultur Etxea
Life as a document. Juan Cruz / Joseba Iriondo
Round table discussion on the documentation and influence of new technologies on the reporting of events between journalists Joseba Iriondo (reporter) and Ignacio Escolar (blogger).
Juan Cruz / Joseba Iriondo /
Moderator: ALBERTO MOYANO, journalist for El Diario Vasco.
May 16 / Wednesday
Casares-Tomasene Kultur Etxea
African Theatre: live orality. Binta and the great idea / Agnes Agboton
The showing of the short Binta and the Great Idea by Javier Fesser and a chat on oral transmission in African theatre hosted by Agnes Agboton..
"Binta and the great idea" / Agnes Agboton /
Presenter: ARANTZA ZUGASTI, Deputy Director of Noticias de Gipuzkoa.

Collaborator: Fundación Haurralde.

May 17 / Thursday
Liburutegi Nagusia - Ekitaldi Aretoa
Intimate writing: biography and fiction. Luisa Futoransky
Autobiographical literature workshop hosted by Luisa Futoransky.
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Luisa Futoransky /
May 18 / Friday
Okendo Kultur Etxea
Memory and the novel. Manuel Vicent
Manuel Vicent, presented by the UPV professor Juan Velázquez, will speak on how memory and memories are transformed into literary material.
Manuel Vicent /
Presenter: JUAN VELÁZQUEZ , Professor of the University of the Basque Country.
May 19 / Saturday
Biblioteca Central (Alderdi Eder)
Currents: poetry on the banks of the Urumea. Carlos Aurtenetxe / Luisa Futoransky / James Wilkies
A poetry recital hosted by Carlos Aurtenetxe, Luisa Futoransky and James Wilkies.
Carlos Aurtenetxe / Luisa Futoransky / James Wilkies /
May 10-31
Central Library (Alderdi Eder)
Exhibition. Günter Grass.
Günte Grass. Drawing and writing.
Goethe Institut.

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