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Literaktum | Festival of letters and languages | 2006 24-28 may

What's Literaktum? /

Introduction /

Literaktum is a Festival of Letters and Languages designed to tackle literary aspects in an active, participatory and creative manner. The Festival links literature to other artistic forms and is open to contemporary technologies, formats and tendencies.

The second Literaktum will take place from 16th-20th May in San Sebastián.

Objectives /

To approach literature with new eyes by means of innovating languages and proposals.

To encourage the active and critical reception of literature.

To promote the participation of new publics crossing literature with other forms of artistic expression.

To foster literary creation and production .

Sections /

A world of writing. Conferences by writers from all the literary geographies.

Crossed words. A dialogue table between writers and other creators.

Dark room. Workshop-Laboratory for "developing" new projects and trends.

107.4 FM literary frequency. The radio at the service of creation and dissemination.

Currents: poetry on the banks of the Urumea. A poetry reading festival.

Centers /

Biblioteca Central

Central Library
Alderdi Eder s/n
20002 San Sebastián
Tel.: 943.48.14.88
Fax: 943.43.02.22

Centro Cultural Casares

Casares-Tomasene Culture Center
Camino Darieta, 1
20017 San Sebastián
Tfnoa: 943.35.11.49
Fax: 943.35.40.46

Centro Cultural Ernest Lluch

Ernest LLuch Culture Center
Paseo Anoeta, 7
20014 San Sebastián
Tel.: 943.48.19.19
Fax: 943.48.18.66

Centro Cultural Loiola

Loiola Culture Center
Sierra de Aralar, 17
20014 San Sebastián
Tel.: 943.45.46.05
Fax: 943.47.34.98

Centro Cultural Okendo

Okendo Culture Center
Avda. de Navarra, 7
20013 San Sebastián
Tel.: 943.29.06.72
Fax: 943.29.07.21

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