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Literaktum | Festival de letras y lenguajes | 2006 16-20 mayo

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Ainhoa Arteta Ainhoa Arteta. (Tolosa)
Started studying song in Rome before moving to the USA to continue her training. She debuted in Palm Beach (USA) in 1990...
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Alimentation Générale 'Alimentation Générale'. (France, 2005)
This film was made over a period of 4 years in a small grocery store on the outskirts of Paris, the only meeting place for the locals of almost a hundred nationalities.
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Benjamín Prado Benjamín Prado. (Madrid, 1961)
Benjamín Prado has published the books Raro (1995), an extraordinary success in Spain and South America, Nunca le des la mano a un pistolero zurdo (1996)...
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Chantal Briet Chantal Briet (Roubaix, France, 1961)
Following her Modern Literature studies, in 1987 she directed her first short with Jean-Pierre Lenoir, entitled Inch'allah, winner of the Jury Prize at Lille Film Festival.
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Edorta Jimenez Edorta Jimenez (Mundaka, Bizkaia, 1953)
Prolífico autor euskaldun con una veintena de libros publicados, tanto de poesía como de narrativa o ensayo.
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El Chojín El Chojín (Madrid, 1977)
tarted creating rhymes and speaking out against the social inequalities of his environment in Torrejón de Ardoz at the age of 13.
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Jabier Muguruza Jabier Muguruza (Irun, 1960)
Having collaborated with several Basque rock groups and singer-songwriters, in 1990 he created "Les Mecaniciens", with whom he released three LPs.
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María Eloy García María Eloy García (Malaga, 1972)
Has published poems in several plaquettes and in the magazines La corná, Sonus 13 and Litoral. Her work featured in the anthologies Feroces (DVD, Barcelona, 1998) and Frasco de anfetas (Cordoba, 1998).
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Sabine Macher Sabine Macher (Germany, 1955)
This versatile artist moved to France in 1976. In addition to writing, she is a choreographer, actress and photographer.
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